Monday, March 15, 2010

Weeping Forward.....

We started a new study in Sunday School yesterday titled, "Ruth: Loss, Love, and Legacy" by Kelly Minter. I cannot begin to tell you how this study is already speaking to me. For starters, I'm always amazed that whatever is taught in one area of the church/sunday school, usually carries over into another. We are having revival at our church this week and Josh Pilgram (a very energetic and annointed young man) is the speaker. Yesterday in Sunday School, we discussed the hebrew word "hesed" which means kindness, love, mercy, is a covenant love....then it was discussed later when Josh preached in the church service (see what I mean?). Anyway, going down bunny trails as usual. I want to tell you what spoke to me most in our first week of the Ruth study. In the first week, we talked about two journeys that Naomi took (if not familiar with this, read Ruth Chapter 1). She had two daughter-in-law's that she attempted to discourage from traveling with her for a number of reasons. After much talk, she finally convinced one daughter-in-law (Orpah - not Oprah) to turn back. Orpah wept and went back. Her other daughter-in-law, Ruth, wept but hugged her and told her that she was going with her. Ruth wept forward. See, it is O.K. to weep....but do so going forward, knowing that God is able to see you through every heartache, every trial, and every circumstance. Do so knowing that as the Word says, "Though your sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning."


Barbara said...

Oh how true...he never promised we would not have sorrow, but He did promise He would go with us thru it. Love this and I love the book of Ruth. Oh....and I love you too!

Jenny said...

I love that! I came across your blog from your post below on BHRT (I work at a place that specializes in it and we're always on the lookout for BHRT chatter. I'm glad things are working out for you!) But I wanted to comment on this post. We will begin studying Ruth in SS class and my study group is going through John Piper's sermons on Ruth. Thank you for sharing about "weeping forward"! What a blessing. & Barbara's comment reminds me of Natalie Grant's song Held. Y'all have me excited to jump into Ruth!


"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Jenny, thank you for your comment (would love to talk to you about BHRT...things are getting better daily and new post on this will be forthcoming). Please tell me how you go through the John Piper sermons on Ruth as I feel it would add to our study because he is so annointed. I know you will enjoy it. Coincidentally, our revival pastor, preached on Ruth last night :)

martha stewart impersonator said...

i want to be like Ruth!!
Remember what Josh said about Ruth was a clinger of Jesus!!!!!!!!!
I really am enjoying your blog sister. I learn so much! :-)
lv u
donna frances