Monday, March 15, 2010

Days 7 thru 10 on BHRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)

I have hesitated to write on this topic until I had something of worth to say. After all, a hot flash is a hot flash....need a bore you with details of each time I have one? O.K., on about day 7, I remembered that the prescribing physician for the BHRT had told me that if 1 dose of the natural estrogen therapy was not effective, I could take 2... (maybe I was in denial about this because I wanted to stretch this already more expensive therapy). So day 7, I increased my dose. By george, I think it's working. I did have my doubts this morning. I had taken our mattress warmer off the bed and flipped it thinking that one of the wires might have been kinked. The warmer has dual controls and while I haven't used mine since I stopped HRT in January, Mike uses his almost daily. I woke up this morning feeling warmth down the entire backside of my body (no, I didn't wet the bed) dawned on me that I had mixed up the controls for the warmer. So when Mike turns his on, it warms my side of the bed....I have all intentions of fixing this problem today.
On another note, I found out that a new pharmacy in our town is a compounding pharmacy, meaning that they should be able to fill my prescriptions for BHRT. (Only certain pharmacies are "compounding pharmacies", and none local that I'm aware of.
This is definitely a journey. I had a rough start Saturday morning, just woke up feeling gloomy and down, for no reason at all. Totally not my usual nature. I have learned through this that even though your thoughts and feelings may be totally off course, it's a choice to not be motivated by them. I have had to lay this at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to help me be in control of what I think and what I speak. I cannot use hormonal disconbobulation (not a real word, but sure you got the point) as an excuse for not treating people well. In a future post, I would like to share how difficult the first years of my marriage were because I let feelings and hormones rule me. The journey continues....

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