Monday, July 9, 2012

They'll do until we have grandchildren....

Meet Humphrey (left) and Harpo (right).  If you had told me 10 years ago that we would have dogs living in our home, I would have emphatically yelled, "NEVER".  I grew up in a home where a dog's place was in the yard and a dog's food was table scraps.  You will do alot of things for your kids (and I hear even more for your grandkids).  Both of these guys came into our lives unwanted (by us anyway).  Our son adopted the first one, Harpo,  when he was in middle school....he seemed responsible enought but shortly after, I learned why you should pray over all things and that even includes whether you should allow your child to have a pet or not.  Then the second little guy came to our home in November of 2011.  Our son, Seann, had just moved out and unbeknowing to us had been visiting him daily at the local animal shelter for a month.  He adopted him and within a few weeks of adoption, my son accepted a job out of the county.  "They don't allow pets where I'm moving to", he stated.  "Of course they don't", I thought to myself.  It was not long after this that we saw how much joy the younger dog brought to the older.  It wasn't long before we were smitten.  Our son has since moved home and tonight as he asked if he could take Humphrey to spend the night, we found ourself giving advice like well meaning grandparents would, "Don't let him go near the road", "Don't feed him more than a 1/2 cup", "take him out often", "see that he has plenty of water".....Lord help us, we need grandchildren.

Don't quit your day job.....

There is an artist somewhere inside of me just begging to be released.  I already told you about my addiction to "pinterest"....well in my musings through some of the most recent pins, I came across several pins that show you how to be creative with art in journals (complete with online classes for a fee) and then I came across something on" You tube" called "Doodle Diem".  This is the result of my visit to the "how to" videos.  For those of you that may be looking for some hidden meaning in the art, there isn't any.....  Don't worry, I am not going to quit my day job yet.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

True or false....It is "semi-hot" in Florida

The thermometer under the eve of my deck was registering at 110 degrees...less than an hour later following a quick summer rain, it registered 85.  That is Florida weather for unpredictable.  Yesterday, as I spoke to a newfound friend via phone, I confessed that I trust God 100% in some areas of my life (such as provision) but trust Him very little in other areas (such as being sovereign in the lives of the children He gave me).  I said all of this as an illustration to my friend, hoping to encourage and minister to her....BUT God (I love when I see "But God" in the Bible)...being the "tide turner" that He is used her to minister to me.  She said, "Sue, you know that God is not semi-sovereign.  If you struggled with the answer to the True or False question in the title of this post....let me help you.  It is an absolute truth that it is hot in Florida right only need to walk outside and feel their makeup melt away to know this.  It is also absolutely true that God is completely sovereign, right here...right now.....This is an attribute of God that I need to cling to.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yep....finally a "Sue can do" project

Sometime in the last 6 months I fell in love.  Not with a person but with a website called "Pinterest".  Many of you are familiar with this website but for those of you that are not, it is a website that consist of "pinboards", you express your interest, hobbies, etc. and all people in the "Pinterest" world create "pins" which are various places of information that you can pin to your boards.  The sky is the limit.  You will think you can do or make anything.  I find that most of the time, I "pin" away in hopes of that "rainy day" where I can get around to doing and making all of the projects.  One of my boards is called a "Sue can do" board.  I am not the most "crafty" person.  I am known as the "tacky decorator" and I get it honest from my mother.  Many wonder why I have no pictures on the walls, curtains on the windows, or other decorative items in my home, it's because I don't have a clue how.  I just don't have the knack for decorating.  Anyhoo (as my friend Deb would say), today I found a true "Sue can do".  Many of you made your first flag cake in elementary school.  I am almost a half century old and today I made my first....thought it turned out "cute".  Please don't count the stars and stripes (after all, it's the thought that counts").  Happy Independence Day!

Monday, July 2, 2012

God's not through with me yet:)

It has been over a year since I wrote last.  Call it's writer's block, call it a slump, call it whatever you will.  Truth is that God has been showing me that I talk entirely way too much.  I stumbled across my friend Deb's blog Deb's blog and it occurred to me that the very thing that makes me want to read her blog is that she is not "psychoanalyzing" the world, she is just simply sharing a piece of her life daily.  I talked to her about this Sunday and decided that I would love to return to the blogging world but only with less to say.  So, here goes....I can't wait to tell you in "smidgen's" how God has humbled me since my last post.