Sunday, July 8, 2012

True or false....It is "semi-hot" in Florida

The thermometer under the eve of my deck was registering at 110 degrees...less than an hour later following a quick summer rain, it registered 85.  That is Florida weather for unpredictable.  Yesterday, as I spoke to a newfound friend via phone, I confessed that I trust God 100% in some areas of my life (such as provision) but trust Him very little in other areas (such as being sovereign in the lives of the children He gave me).  I said all of this as an illustration to my friend, hoping to encourage and minister to her....BUT God (I love when I see "But God" in the Bible)...being the "tide turner" that He is used her to minister to me.  She said, "Sue, you know that God is not semi-sovereign.  If you struggled with the answer to the True or False question in the title of this post....let me help you.  It is an absolute truth that it is hot in Florida right only need to walk outside and feel their makeup melt away to know this.  It is also absolutely true that God is completely sovereign, right here...right now.....This is an attribute of God that I need to cling to.

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