Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful!

When my husband met our daughter's future in-laws I think his first introduction to them went something like this: "My name is Mike, but most people just call me Mr. Wonderful". We still laugh about it and this week they mailed Mike a birthday card addressed to "Mr. Wonderful" Combs. Thank God, he rarely remembers how to access my blog because what I am about to say could cause him to be full of himself, but I have to say....he truly has been "Mr. Wonderful".
My beautiful grandmother, Susan had a jealous streak in her when it came to my grandfather. She always thought that other women were looking at him. Now more than likely she was a tad bit insecure, but I would like to think that she was so in love with him that she just assumed that the rest of the world was as well. Mike and I laugh about my grandmother and some of the things she would say to my grandfather in reference to women flirting with him (mind you he was in his late 80's, early 90's when she said these things)....We laugh because I catch myself commenting when I think a a woman may be flirting or saying something a tad bit in appropraite to my husband. I have to admit, my fangs come out just a little. So, I reminded him in his birthday card today that in 30 years from now, when he is 84 years old, I'll still think every woman in the world is looking at him and wanting him, because I still will.
So, Happy Birthday, Mr. Wonderful! I still see you through the same eyes I saw you through 26 years ago!


Barbara said...

God has blessed us with "wonderful men"...and I agree Mike is Mr. Wonderful. You can tell him for me, that I still look at him like he's handsome...because he is.

But for the record, you can tell him he is blessed too!.

Please tell Mike Happy, Happy Birthday...and many, many more.

love you both....

Mike said...

Happy belated birthday Mike. IT is a day before mine. WOW!!!!!! I'm 25 and holding.I can't believe the Lord blessed this world with two great people born only one day apart. lol!!!!!!!!!

Dina said...

Happy B-Day Uncle Mike Love you *HUGS*