Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Days 11 thru 20 on BHRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)

During this time frame I am happy to say that I have slept like a baby every night with an occassional hot flash in the early a.m. hours! I think I am normal again (although my family would tell you I never have been "normal", but this is my version of normal). I am amazed at what sleep deprivation does to the body and the emotions. If you haven't yet entered menopause, let me just warn you, the hot flashes are tolerable, the sleep deprivation is not. I have not yet made my follow up appointment with the Nurse Practitioner at the hormone wellness center. I am anxious to see what the outcome of my labwork is. For now, I am content to just sleep again. I am content to laugh again. I am content to live! I am praising God for all He is doing around me (both seen & unseen!)


Barbara said...

I sure would be interested to hear more about this.. We need to do lunch girl...we really do.

Hope Mike's birthday was special!

Jenny said...

Great to hear the good news! It's crazy how much the lack of sleep can affect your state of being. You don't know how much you take it for granted until you lose it. Progesterone works miracles. :)

The Ruth sermons are on John Piper's website, desiringgod.com. You can just search for ruth and you'll find them. We'll start listening this week.

Glad to hear you are doing so well!


Barb said...

So tickled that you are thriving and doing so well on this regime! You looked great the other day and your laughter blessed my heart! Love you Sue!

LisaShaw said...

I understand...

I love you and praying for you dear sister! Hugs..