Monday, February 8, 2010

"Religiously Privileged"

I am studying the book of Romans in depth. It's odd, but usually when Mike and I counsel or direct someone to read the Bible, we direct them to the book of John. Recently, God laid it on my heart to tell someone to start in Romans Chapter 1. Anything I tell someone else to read, I study myself so that we can discuss it in it's entirety. I was blown away today as I read Romans Chapter 2. The first 16 verses discussed the impartiality of God....basically that sin is sin and all sin is level before an almighty God and all sin will be judged. Then I entered into the last batch of verses in this chapter (17-29). The Jewish community has always been of interest to me because we are told numerous times in God's Word that they are His chosen people. What I have struggled with over the years is how they can be chosen and not love Him with their heart, mind, and soul. This alone has been a unfair judgement on my part because as I read verse 17 and the explanation of this scripture in my Life Application Bible, it discusses that the Jews are considered a "religiously privileged" group of people. What hit me that was profound is that if you have been raised in a Christian home...I'm not talking about just going to church and going through the motions, I'm talking about a home where your parents love the Lord with their heart, mind, and soul....THEN, you are no different from the Jews in the fact that you are "religiously privileged". The same condemnation that applies to the Jewish population in verse 17, applies to me. I grew up "religiously privileged". I had a mother and grandmother that loved the Lord and prayed for their children/grandchildren on a daily basis. I rode the coat tails of their love and knowledge of God for many years. Now my responsibility before God is to live what I know.
If you have grown up "religiously privileged", take a moment today to thank God for what your parents taught you and to ask God to help you live by what you know!


Barbara said...

Great post, Sue! How right you are there is a difference in religiously privileged and growing up in a family that attends church!

LisaShaw said...

" what you know..."

Perfectly said dear sister.

Love you and thanks for sharing your heart with us in Romans. It's one of my favorite Books in the Bible along with John (smile) and others.

martha stewart impersonator said...

amen sister
I too was religiously priviledged and my memories of mother & mamaw taking us to church, making sure we "heard the gospel" are unforgetable and priceless. It is what we are suppose t pass to the next generation, and so on.
I have always had that same sense about Jews in that I find it ironic that they don't see Him for who He really is? I'll never get it!
I could use a cup of coffee and a chat when you have time.
Hope you two are doing well while mikee is away. I have his prayer bracelet :-) lv 4 evah! df