Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An "On Time" God...

I don't know why I'm always amazed at what an "on time" God we serve! This past week, Mike and I traveled to Clayton, Georgia with our friends Bobby & Dana for an extended weekend of R & R! I had told the lady that owns the cabin where we would be staying that I was praying we would see snow. When we arrived at the cabin, the owner was there and told us that we would be wise to head to the grocery store as snow would arrive Friday afternoon (this was on Thursday). We heeded her advice. The next morning we decided that we should do any site seeing before the snow began, so we set out for the Highlands and traveled an hour up the mountain by vehicle. As we weaved around curves, Dana became car sick and we would stop every few miles to let her get fresh air. When we arrived in the small town of Cashier, we went into some of the local shops and everyone was buzzing about the expected snow. When we heard one woman mention that 8 inches of snow was expected and that we may be "snowed in" until Tuesday, we took this as our opportunity to descend back down the mountain towards our cozy little cabin. The other deciding factor to head home was that Dana was feeling worse by the mile. We had just arrived at our cabin, when Mike looked out the window and asked, "Is that fog", Bobby then added, "No, the clouds seem to be dropping". Almost before Bobby could complete his sentence, snow started falling....not the little flurries that are seen every decade or so in Florida but huge snow flakes. Had Dana not been car sick, we would have possibly had a dangerous trek home down the mountain. As always, we had prayed that morning for safety before heading up the mountain and as always, I believe God is an "on time" God!


Barbara said...

How exciting...sounds like you had a great trip. I'd like to hear more about the cabin you stayed in...I love going to the mountains.

Anonymous said...

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