Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whoops we did it again!

O.K., me and Shanna are in trouble with Mike again! Several years ago, Mike could never find the cordless phone when it would ring because Shanna & I would misplace it. Out of his determination to keep up with it better, he tied a piece of rope to it and a shovel at one end of the rope. This was really challenging when the phone rang because even though it taught us to keep the phone in it's proper place, it was anchored by this rope and shovel and you would have to tilt your head to keep from being tired while talking on the phone. Well, the phone just rang....Shanna and I didn't jump to answer it (we've always had this knack for pretending we don't hear it)....Mike looked at us in frustration and said, "Alright girls, I am going to tie the shovel to the phone again"....I think I better find all the cordless phones and return them to their proper holder, it was very embarassing when friends were over and the explanation didn't seem quite normal. To all my friends in J-ville, I don't expect you to understand this, it's a Macclenny thing!


Barb said...

THIS sounds EXACTLY like something Darrel would do! Love it!

Barbara said...

How cute!...Problem now is with Shanna gone..who does that leave to blame for the missing phones?

Anonymous said...

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