Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I can hardly contain myself!!!!

Oh my Goodness! I am so excited....about a month or so ago, a friend at church that coach's girls softball came to me and asked if I would be willing to teach a small group for a few weeks to the girls softball team (9th and 10th grade). I accepted the challenge with some reservation....didn't hear from my friend for awhile and just assumed that the plan had fizzled out or she had found someone more capable. Let me explain, I am about the most non-athletic person you will ever meet! I was the one that kids chose last to be on their team in physical education. never got better. As an adult, I fell numerous times while attempting to roller skate with my children (my oldest finally said, "Mom, maybe you should just sit and relax a while).....I attempted water skiing in my younger years but was so "bottom heavy", just couldn't figure out how to get this big booty of mine out of the water! Later, went snow skiing....was in the beginner's class and feel down a slope while our instructor was teaching us how to simply stand properly on our ski' one ever even missed me (at this point, I opted to sit in the cabin and sip cocoa!) Oh, and I almost forgot....several years ago when I was physically fit....I got over confident and decided I would try "cycling"....the class on my first day consisted of two people....two nice looking gentlemen (one of who was the instructor). I was seated between these two men and felt pretty sure that this would be "oh so easy".....within mere seconds I was "sweating" (and I don't sweat) one told me that when you stand on the cycle that you don't pedal as fast as you do when you are sitting.....when we approached our first "stand and cycle", my foot got caught in the pedal and I fell off the bike....Can I just tell you that not only did I do this once during this class, but twice! I'm sure it was all these two men could do to contain themselves.
Anyway, tonight is my first night teaching these young ladies and I need all the prayer I can get....I thought, "Boy, does God have a sense of humor...using some one like me to teach them". Then my husband reminded me that we all have to be team players in life, whether we are athletic or not!

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You go can do it with the same dedication and spirit that you apply to everything you do.