Monday, February 16, 2009

How to live a long and prosperous life....

Part of my daily bible reading on Feb 14 was Psalm 34: 11-22. The version I am reading from is the New Living Translation and I love the way this portion of scripture read. Verse 12 asks, "does anyone want to live a long and prosperous life?" I can't imagine anyone answering "no" to that question. The remainder of the verses tell you how to do such and how much God esteems His children and protects them. I am a list maker so I composed a list from the scripture that tells us how to live a long and prosperous life:

1) Keep your tonque from speaking evil (verse 13) (I'm sure this includes gossip, slander, etc.)
2) Keep your lips from telling lies (verse 13)
3) Turn away from evil and do good (verse 14)...(this means literally running from those things we know for certain are evil and yes, those things we think may be evil as well).
4) Search for peace, and work to maintain it (verse 14)...(so peace will not come without work!

Isn't it amazing that God's Word, His Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, contain everything we need for day to day living!


Barbara said...

I love the way you condensed the items for clarity..its like a checklist for what we need to do. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and for taking the time to visit me. I have the other site up now, Beyond Still Waters and I will see how this goes or if I need to condense it back into one. Thanks Sue, I appreciate you so much...God has been good in the people He has brought into my life.

Barb said...

Daily we need to be reminded of these verses Sue because daily we are tempted to use our mouth in the wrong way! I know I deal with that myself. Peace is something we all want too but are often not to administer ourselves. Godly living is really not that difficult, it is we who make it so. I love you Sue and thanks.

God's Girl said...

Amazing and exactly what I needed today. It's good to know that peace requires work...I thought I was a big loser for getting it and then losing it and getting it again and understand. Miss & Love you!