Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our First Day Without Hank....

Last night was a sleepless but peaceful night....I would wake up often thinking about Hank and his new family and I would then pray for them to have an easy transition with a new member in their family and for Hank to have the same. It is so amazing to me how God even cares about the smallest concerns that we have. Anyway, I got out of bed several times during the night. Hank always slept on my side of the bed because he knew that I wouldn't step on him, he would stay still until I returned to bed and then he would get up until I was snuggled in and he would settle back down beside my bed. I kept thinking also last night about how happy Hank looked in the back seat of that van perched between Jody's two sons....he was so attention deprived his last year here with I got up and went for my morning walk at the local park, as I was walking up, I noticed a woman walking a chocolate lab that looked identical to Hank when we got him 5 years ago. Tears filled my eyes and I thought I would start have to understand that every time I walk, I fear that someone will have me committed to the psych ward...I have my head phones on listening to worship music and often I just feel the spirit move and I will throw my hands up in the air in praise....I knew I couldn't add tears to that mix or I would be a goner for sure....Anyway, God knew my heart was sad but happy and when I returned home Jody called to let me know that Hank had a great night with them, that he slept on her side of the bed and that he did well with her other pet...her parting words were, "I will stay in touch, but I want you to know that he is going to be loved"....All I can say is "Thank you Jesus!" Whew....sorry this was so wordy...I am just so thankful!


Barb said...

I continue to be so thankful that Hank has his new home and will bring many years of great joy to those boys and their parents. How wonderful!
Sue, I also wanted to tell you something very special. A couple weeks or so ago when I found your blogspot, I was immediately moved by the verse, Romans 12:18, that you had posted. I couldn't get that verse off my mind as I was getting ready to prepare to go stay with Amber, Butch & Karli last week while Butch & Kay were at St. Lucia. I actually went last Wednesday night and they arrived home late Monday night. Thursday afternoon when the kids came in from school, we sat down and had a wonderful chat about our walks with the Lord and where we all needed to improve. Since arguing between the children happens often in their home, I felt it was the perfect verse for us to memorize and do our best to live by all week. I posted the verse on their fridge and we referred to it often. By the end of the 5 days, it seemed the verse had penetrated their little spirits and was doing its' work. Just wanted to thank you for showng me the verse and let you know what a blessing it was to us all throughout the week.
Sure do love you and I'm continuing to work on my little spot. I'll let you know when it's a go!
Praying showers of goodness on you!

Deb said...

I thought about all the animals in this world who no one cares about and how lucky Hank has been to have two good homes in his lifetime!

Deb said...

When is Barb going to start blogging?!? When I started back in December, she was the one person who came to mind that I felt confident would love to have a blog! I hope your blog encourages her to start!