Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great Websites....

This is a list of websites that I've found through friends and other "bloggers" that are blog worthy: (Inexpensive but good makeup) (free business cards, personalized stationary) (one of my favs! Put your zip code in and stores you shop at most frequently and it gives you the sales for each store in your area, you can also make a personal shopping list) (neat way to get free resources to study the word and broaden your knowledge of the word) (converts favorite recipes to healthy versions) (parts of this site are free and very resourceful, especially "community") (another fav of mine...over 5,000 preachers/speakers/evangelist are on this site, you can download sermons for free and put on ipod....check out Paul Washer) (christian comedian) (from crown ministry, download financial planners, retirement plans, etc for free) (a branch of focus on the family, for those with trouble....that would be all of us) (great resource for bible studies, books, etc.)

Please share any neat websites you are aware of as well!

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