Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Hank has a new home...."

For several months now we have lamented over whether to find a home for our 6 year old chocolate lab....I would mention it in passing to several animal lovers, hoping they would take the bait and plead to let him come live with them. Only this past week did I get serious and place an ad at "Bennett's feed store" and then on "Craig's List"....once I had finalized my ad on "Craig's List", I thought, "Oh, my God, what have I done...I probably won't know anyone that is interested in him and I won't know if their thoughts are pure"....Several people called and just suffice it to say that God put a restless spirit in me and at the tone of their voices, I decided, "No, he wouldn't go to their house"....Then today a lady named Jody called me, I don't know why but I had a peace in my heart the minute she started talking. She said all the right things and was willing to drive 1 1/2 hours to Baker County to pick him up. Jody, her husband Bradley, and her two "near teen" sons arrived this evening....The minute they got out of their vehicle, I sensed a sweet spirit in them. Bradley wore a smile on his face and had a gentle nature, Jody and her sons were the same. Hank was beside himself with the attention (something he hasn't received from us in awhile)....when Jody, Bradley, and the boys started to go, Hank walked out to the van and plopped down between the two boys in the back seat...I couldn't help but have a tearful moment...it was bittersweet....sad that he is gone but happy that he has someone that will give him the attention that he deserves. Mike and I had prayed all day for God to give us a peace if this was meant to be....I would like to thank Barb....(Barb, I know when I asked you to pray over this that you did just that! Please continue to pray that this will be an easy transition for Hank and this family!)


Barb said...

Oh thank you Lord for answering our prayers and finding a new home for sweet Hank! God is SO good. To think that He even cares about something so insignificant as finding the right home for a beloved pet just blows me into the distance! God is faithful, caring and so loving to us. Wow...the maker of the heavens, the earth AND Hank, has done so many great things and I rejoice with you for this answer to prayer! I will continue to pray that his adjustment period is easy and that his family smothers him daily in wet kisses and long hugs. Praise GOD!

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Barb....I told Mike last night, "When we pray with complete faith, it is amazing what God will do"! When Jody and her family arrived, it was if we had prepped Hank in advance and said "O.K. Hank, this is your debut...now put on a show"...it was if we didn't exist, he was all over them, he demonstrated how he fetches, then he demonstrated "sit" and "shake" and "stretch" for them! I had a sleepless but peaceful night last night, normally Hank sleeps on my side of the bed because he knew I wouldn't step on him...when he would hear me get up during the night, he would get up and move until I came back to bed...everytime I thought about him last night, I just prayed for God's protection on him and his new family! Once again, thank you Barb for being the sister in Christ that you are!