Friday, March 11, 2011

40 Day Challenge - Day 8 - "Put off" Discontentment, "Put on" Contentment...

Happy Friday to you! 

Just when you think no one is reading your blog, you run into someone in the store that says, "How come you didn't write today".  I'll admit, I've been a slacker this week.  Let me hit you with the best excuse I can muster....a strange phenomenon has taken place in the Comb's household since I began to work full time.  I can't stay asleep and my husband can't stay awake.  In an effort to sync with his sleep patterns, I began taken a natural remedy called Melatonin and now, I can't curb my desire to hit the snooze numerous times in the morning.  (How is that for an excuse?)

So?  You caught me, I skipped a day.  It's the weekend and I'm going to end on a sour note.  Today's post involves "Putting Off" Discontentment and "Putting On" Contentment.  Have you ever found yourself with all your basic needs met and the majority of your wants met, yet you are not satisfied?  I's a spirit of discontentment and as a child of God, it's a most miserable place to be.

I am not sure where contentment ends and discontentment begins but I believe in the world in which we live, it's not difficult to cross from one to the other without even realizing what has happened.  In America we are so accustomed to instant gratification that we struggle when our "wants"  are not met.  This is where we need to revert back to the previous day's post and remember what we do and don't deserve and be grateful for what God has given us.  Discontentment, if left unchecked, can become like a disease that invades every part of our being. 

Where are you?  Are you content with what you have or are you constantly in that spirit of discontentment.

The scripture focus for today is:    Hebrews 13:5 and 1Timothy 6:8.....

Have a great weekend....see you on Monday....

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