Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The N.O.G.'s

For the past 5 weeks now, a small group of women from different churches and of varying ages have met in my home to study the Word of God. I cannot begin to tell you how much each of these women have blessed me with their testimonies and our times of sharing. We are studying from a book by author/singer, Kelly Minter, titled, "No other gods". The author spear headed this study by first having a small group meet in her own home and for fun they called themselves "The NOGS" (No Other God's)....so I found it only fitting that we call ourselves the N.O.G.'s as well. In a few weeks, we will end our study with a meal and game time and just a sweet time of fellowship. My prayer is that each woman that walks away from the study time will have a closer walk with Jesus and not just have attended another Bible study. Please pray for us as we continue this sweet fellowship time. Pray that if God willing, someone that is strong in their walk will emerge from this study willing to take on their own small group in a few weeks. As we continue in our study, I plan to write a few posts regarding how God has spoke to me through this study time and if any of them are willing, I will share or encourage them to share how God has spoke to them. As always, I appreciate any prayers you send my way. I just want to Praise God this morning for what He is doing around me (both seen and unseen)!

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Barbara said...

I wish I were close enough to be part of this group. I love these studies where women come together to focus on God's word. It bonds and blesses each heart.

Thank you for your prayers as I seek His peace and healing. PS, my blog makeover is not complete...Edie from Rich Gifts is creating as we speak. She has submitted some basics for my review and we are working thru the details...trust me..it is not me doing it..not this lo-tech nana.

Have a blessed week! I'll call soon