Monday, July 27, 2009

"Your Life in Rhythm" by Bruce Miller

This book is 231 pages long and written by founder and Senior Pastor at McKinney Fellowship. The author's intention in his writing is to encourage the reader to move away from the daily struggle of attempting to balance life in an endlessly chaotic world. Rather, the author encourages the reader to go with the flow, or natural grain of life. The author refers to this natural grain as the "rhythm of life". Rhythm is explained in great detail at the beginning of the book. Then in subsequent chapters, two branches of rhythm are described - chronos and kairos rhythm. I found this book to be very encouraging and enlightening. It was a great reminder to seize the day and accept the stage of life I'm in now. Portions of the book tend to be repetitive. At the conclusion of the book, the author offers a study and appendixes to enable the reader to put it all together. I would recommend this book to anyone struggling to find perfect balance in day to day life.

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