Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The "Pinkies"

The group of women pictured on my blog page are a compilation of sisters, nieces, and cousins all known as "The Pinkies"....we established our small little group of women 3 years ago after discussing a distant and deceased relative named Pinkie Baxley. I first heard about Pinkie Baxley when visiting a family graveyard in Statenville, Georgia. I thought it strange that a woman deceased so long ago would be buried beside her mother instead of her husband. I found out that she had been married several times over the years and that her and her mother had a bond that could not be broken. As I learned more about her through family members, I found out that she was tough when needed (she kept an Axe under her bed in case of emergency), but also possessed a gentle character. Thus, the "Pinkies" insignia became the axe and the magnolia to symbolize toughness and gentleness mixed together. This group of women have come to mean more and more to me over the years....when we gather yearly, we share laughter, joy, and occasionally tears. We are not always physically able to be together thru each and every trial we encounter but we are always there in heart and lifting each other up in prayer. I cannot wait until our next "Pinkie" reunion.

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Barb said...

SO GOOD to read you back on your blog! I had missed you!
What a wonderful picture and story. It's so sweet to read about each other's lives and families. I love it! Thanks for sharing this with us. Pinkie sounds as though she was quite a lady. I like her character. Thanks Sue!