Saturday, January 5, 2008

Journey of a Weight Watching Fool

At the prompting of my neice, I have returned to Weight Watchers...I am not actively going to meetings (been there, done that, could write a book on it), but we are holding each other accountable via email (she lives in VA and I live in FL)....anyway, that said, thought it would be neat to write ideas that have been helpful to me in the past (I made it to lifetime WW, then lost my humbleness and found pounds)...

1) Pray! This is first and foremost....God created us and He cares about our wellbeing!
2) Drink water (read "Seven Pillars of Health" by Don Colbert)
3) Don't just eat in moderation but also eat wholesome when possible
4) Keep a food diary
5) Find an accountability partner to share victories and failures with
6) Realize you can't accomplish it all in the first and exercise....start with nutrition and slowly add in exercise
7) Invest in items that will aid in your weight loss endeavor
8) Encourage the support of your family and friends
9) Don't be afraid to ask....(more on this later)
10) Find helpful websites

Please stay tuned for future journal entries from this WWF (Weight Watching Fool) that will elaborate on the ten items listed above...also, I covet your prayers during this time and encourage you to comment on things that have helped you in the past!

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Dina (Aka The Baby) said...

You can do any thing you put your mind to Aunt Sue.
Your right prayer is one of the most important things you can do to help you lose or maintain weight. Going for a prayer walk is a get way to stay in shape both physically & spiritually . (But to be honest , I don't think your over weight)
Love ya *HUGS*