Monday, December 31, 2007

Pray for Allison

Several of you have probably been following the story of Baby Allison, a baby in our town who was born with liver disease due to a rare gene that both of her parents carry. If you are not familiar with her story, please go to I think you will be amazed at the unwavering faith of her parents and her other family members. Baby Allison, along with her parents, Clete and Treva have been living in Miami for a month or longer as they wait for a new liver. I received a call from Sabrina this morning. She is a close friend of Treva's and a member of our young adult Sunday School class. She had an urgent prayer is possible that a liver donor is available for Baby Allison and that Treva and Clete along with their precious baby girl are en route to the hospital in Miami as I write this. I am not sure if the donor is a live donor or a deceased donor. Regardless, please pray for peace for the family of the donor, as well as for Clete and Treva and for wisdom and knowledge of the physicians and medical staff involved with the care of little Allison. I will keep you updated as I know more, but your best updates will probably be found on the website mentioned earlier, updated by Allison's Aunt Amy!

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Dina (Aka The Baby) said...

I will defiantly be praying for Allison. I hope every thing turns out good. God willing it will.