Monday, February 28, 2011

40 Day Challenge-Day 1 follow up (To love or not to love...)

Try to contain yourself and don't expect this often....can you believe I am posting twice in 1 day?
So?  How did you do on Day 1?  Did you love well?  A better question might be, "Did you love at all?" 

I was halfway through my day before I thought, "How have I shown love today?"  It was not hard for me to love because the people I work with are lovable ( not to mention that I was too busy to love).  Then a thought hit me, "What about my family, how can I show them love?"  We all know that they are often the last to receive our love and attention at the end of the day and the ones that know us best, so therefore, they are more apt to see us at our most unlovable. 

The answer was clear, "Close your mouth, open your ears, end the day knowing more about their day then they know about yours, take out the garbage for your hubby, scratch his head (if he ask....praying he doesn't....why is this so burdensome to me?)  This task has been easy so far because he hasn't come home from work yet.

So, if you feel like you've failed at loving so far today, remember the day's not over yet.  Who in your home is yearning to be loved?  If you live alone, I can tell you, you are still unexcused from loving because God is yearning for your love.

Tomorrow we will delve into "Judging" versus "Letting God search your heart".....

Goodnight....(I can't wait to hear from you!)


martha stewart impersonator said...

Good Girl :)
I am a little confused about what you are doing here...what its all about?? I read day 1 and now this post has me confused...not hard to do. :( Is this a spiritual or body challenge(like w/w or something)
i love ya

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Sorry for the confusion Donna. The dirty pantry is just an analogy of what our life can be like. Of course, it doesn't hurt to clean it out weight watchers included in these post (LOL) (Can't teach what you aren't attempting to live). I love ya back my friend!

martha stewart impersonator said...

Well that's what I thought..just couldn't come up with the word "analogy" but I was thinkin it, LOL
Ok I'm good to go now,