Saturday, August 14, 2010

Because of His kindness, I'll eat at His table.....

I am ecstatic!  Tomorrow we are doing a Sunday School lesson on demonstrating kindness.  The lesson centers around one of many favorites for me in the Bible.  It is from 2 Samuel Chapter 9.  The focal person in this chapter is a man by the name of Mephibosheth  (mef-ib-'osh-eth) .  His name means "destroying shame".  Let me tell you a little background on Mephibosheth. 

  He was the grandson of King Saul (who hated and tried to kill King David).  He is the son of Jonathon (who was David's best friend).  When he was 5 years old his nurse took him to escape possible death.  In her haste she dropped him and he became crippled in both feet.  From that time on, he was a nobody.  No one paid him any attention.  As a matter of fact, once his father and grandfather died, his servant Ziba (who turns out to be very wicked), took him to a remote place so as to "protect him" from future harm.  Ziba thought King David would never look for Mephibosheth in this place, but then he didn't know how strong David's covenant with his best friend Jonathon was (he had promised Jonathon he would take care of his family).

Now we open in chapter 9 of 2 Samuel.  David inquires of Ziba (verse 1), "Is there still anyone left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness for Jonathan's sake?"....Ziba, as an afterthought tells him about Jonathan's son and then adds, "he is crippled in both his feet".  Almost as if to say, "Well, there is this one don't want him, he is damaged goods, not worthy of kindness".  The rest is history.  David did want him.  He lavished on him an inheritance that Mephibosheth felt unworthy to receive.  He had been told all his life that he was a nobody, that he wasn't loved and couldn't be loved.  Now, the King, is giving him the land, the servants and a place at the King's table forever!

Can you see where I'm going with this?  If you are a believer in Christ (you have a relationship with Him, you talk the talk and walk the walk, He is Lord of your life), you have a place at the King's table.  You will eat with Him for the rest of your days!  You have an inheritance in heaven that you are unworthy of and cannot fathom.  At your lowest moment, just when you think you are most can enter the King's presence and humble yourself  and He will bestow on you His riches (not yours).....

2 Samuel 9:13 closes with, "....he ate always at the king's table.  Now he was lame in both his feet."  I believe it ended with the account of his deformity because this is us.  We are still capable of sin, we still have our heartaches, our trials, our deformities....but if we are His, we can always eat at His table!  Praise God!  (I am jumping up and down right now).


Barb said...

Talk about jumping up and down!! MAN...I"M DOING A DANCE AFTER READING THAT!!!! Man, that's so good, SO good! I'm gonna eat at that table with all the saints of God!! HALLELUJAH!!

Patrina's Pencil said...

that was an awesome account of God's favor; grace & Promise. I had forgotten that story. I am jumping up and down inside too. The JOY of relationship with the KING of all KINGS - regardless of our deformities. He doesn't see the deformity - He sees our transformed hearts and mind towards Him.

All praises to the KING!

Thanks for the reminder of this story. It sheds light on my current situation with my 'crippled' dad.

God bless you for your simple wisdom!

Patrina <")>><

Dina said...

Great post aunt Sue.

Barbara said...

Oh I just love this Sue....won't it be wonderful there? Awesome job! Amazing Grace!!!!

LisaShaw said...

Hey how are you sister? I've been thinking about you and Barbara!! Would love to hear from you!