Saturday, January 23, 2010

How did I motivate?

Yesterday started out with a bang, or maybe it wasn't a bang but more like someone stuck a pin in my balloon and the balloon of about 8 of my co-workers. Leslie and I rode together and when we arrived in the locker room to get ready for our shift, one of our co-workers looked at us and said, "I hope you didn't park across the street, they are handing out $200 tickets." Several of us had been parking in the street across from the hospital for the past year because it provides quicker and safer access to the side of the hospital that we work on. So, with this new knowledge on board, I had no choice but to leave the locker room, run to my car, and park in the area where I'm assigned to park (a covered parking garage behind the hospital that is a good hike from our floor). When I arrived to the unit, I became the ring leader of complaints to my nurse manager. Cece, my nurse manager, is a Godly woman and wise beyond her years. She listened to me for a few minutes and then quietly said, "Well what about the poor plant facility men that park off site?"
I shut my mouth. It didn't make me like the parking arrangements any more but it reminded me that here I am, one of the older nurses on our unit, one that tries to lead by example and tell others about Christ through my actions, and I am ring leading a riot over the parking situation. That said, did I motivate others towards Christ through my actions....I think not...I motivated them toward our human lash out when we feel we've been wronged or when we feel that life isn't fair. I woke up this morning with a fresh perspective and asking God to forgive me for my bend towards human tendencies!

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Barbara said...

Isn't it wonderful that His Spirit lets us know what we need to change? On this make a big deal out of God...I am seeing more and more how I must decrease and He must increase.

I hope we can get together for the retreat in October..we could ride together..........I bet Deb would love it too