Monday, September 7, 2009

Are You Ready?

Yesterday our pastor preached a sermon titled, "Are you ready?". This sermon was based on Matthew 24:27 and is the pre-runner for sermons he will be preaching in the weeks to come from the book of Revelation. I have always been intrigued with the study of eschatology (end time events) even before I was a christian (which doesn't make sense because I certainly wasn't ready then!). However, I always feel a catch in my heart when end time events are preached or taught because of the vast amount of people I love dearly that aren't ready. Our pastor is a "no nonsense" type of guy - he does not preach "feel good" sermons or prosperity messages. He gives the facts and ascertains that they come straight from the Bible. At the end of his sermon today, he began to disclose a dream that he had 30 years ago. In this dream, he is a young boy playing outside when all of a sudden the sky changes and he hears his mother yell from inside the house, "The Lord is coming!" In the next scene of his dream, he's on a large ship at sea, looking back at shore and he sees a family member standing on shore holding a child. The family member says, "Oh, I guess we missed it" and walks away. Our pastor was filled with emotion as he recounted the dream from years ago. His intent in disclosing the dream was not to interpret it's meaning but to tell us that 30 years ago, this dream prompted him to remember that he had loved ones that didn't have a relationship with Jesus. His dream reminded me of this as well. I am thankful that I am ready whether the Lord comes back now or a thousand years from now but I am burdened that many people that I love are not ready. Dear family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, are you ready? I am praying for you! In a couple of weeks, our church will hold a revival starting September 13th. For more information, go to If I can pray with you or share the truth of Jesus Christ with you, please send me an email @ I pray God is dealing with your heart, even as you read this!

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AngelRhoden said...

Sue, Thanks for the wake up for me to pray and reach out to those I know also. It hit me when Pastor Johnny was preaching too, but sometimes I need to be told things a couple of times in order to wake me up.