Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Vacation at Cottontail Cottage....

Our family plus our future son-in-law and future daughter-in-law, just returned from 7 wonderful days spent at a little cottage in the valley located near Clayton, Georgia. This cottage came highly recommended by a friend that has visited there on a routine basis over the past 4-5 years. If you go to the website for the cottage (, you can see pictures and get contact information. Peter and Debbie advertise the cottage as a "little piece of heaven"....they weren't far from the truth. As we drove to the cottage, we drove through the valley with beautiful mountains as far as the eye could see surrounding the area. When we arrived, their was a fresh bouquet of flowers sitting on the table with a large plate of the best homemade cookies that I've ever eaten. The front porch to the cottage has rocking chairs and faces several bird feeders where every bird imaginable comes to feast throughout the day, along with a chipmunk or two. If you walk a couple of houses to the left of the cottage, you will see Sylvan Mills with a beautiful waterfall in the front yard, if you walk about 1/2 miles to the right of the cottage, you will see Black Rock Lake, a beautiful lake where you can fish, or take a hike (it has a trail that completely surrounds it)....a short drive from there is Black Rock Mountain State Park, a beautiful state park with several trails and some beautiful views from the mountain top. The owner's also supply linens, towels, bath soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and paper goods. It is a fully supplied cabin with all the amenities of home. The temperature while in Clayton only reached as high as 85 (most of the people living there were complaining that it was too hot and that this was unusual). There were several neat sites to see within a short distance (an hour or less) from the cottage. There is the Dillard House which is known for it's family style foods. In Helen, Georgia is "Little Germany", it is a replica of Germany with many neat shops (but appeals mostly to the tourist. Even more intriguing on your way to Helen is Saute, where you will find some neat shops and some authentic and well made items. Two great restaurants to try while in Clayton are Granny's Kountry Kitchen where everything is cooked as ordered and only fresh vegetables are used (no canned goods). Also, "Mama G's", great Italian Food. If you are interested in flea market's or shopping for antiques, I suggest you go to Franklin, North Carolina (only about 30 minutes away) and if you are interested in hiking, you might go on some of the trails, our favorite was Tallulah Gorge (see blog about this later). I highly recommend this area if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and your usual "man-made" tourist attractions.

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