Tuesday, April 28, 2009

But God, I don't like roller coasters....(A plea for prayer).

It has been a roller coaster of a ride over the past 2 weeks, as Uncle Tharon has been in the hospital. I have copied excerpts from my written journal to adequately portray the "ride"....

April 15th - Uncle Tharon went into the hospital for a routine diagnostic procedure and was sitting on the bed in hospital room, waiting for a friend to return to the room and walk him to the car as he was being discharged home today....when his friend returned, Uncle Tharon was "grey", the nurses came in...long story short, he ended up with emergency surgery for stent placement and 2 serious heart attacks later was transferred to another hospital for ICU purposes. I think it is a miracle in itself, that all this occurred before Uncle Tharon even made it home, PRAISE GOD! They are only giving him 24 hours to live at this point. Mike and I went to the hospital, visited with family, visited Uncle Tharon...he wasn't even aware we were there.

April 19th - Uncle Tharon surpassed the "24 hours to live" mark, it's Sunday and he is still holding on. I didn't get to visit him today but Mike has been several times. I marvel at the family and thank God that he placed me in such a precious family.

April 24th - Uncle Tharon has taken a turn for the worse and will be unplugged from his breathing support tomorrow. I know God is sovereign, if that machine is unplugged and God wills for Uncle Tharon to breathe on his own, he will....otherwise God will take him home. I am ashamed that I dared to question God when I found out Uncle Tharon would be unplugged tomorrow, I even thought to myself, "Why didn't Uncle Tharon just die on that Wednesday when we were told that he only had 24 hours to live". BUT, who am I to question an all knowing, all seeing God. God knows why Uncle Tharon had to tarry.....

April 25th - Note to self: Nothing happens unless God wills it and God is never surprised by anything! They unplugged Uncle Tharon today. They were fully expecting that he would not be able to breathe on his own. I had to work, I told Mike not to call me at work with bad news, I just didn't want to blubber and cry all day at work. Mike called me at 5:30 p.m. When I first heard his voice, my first thought was, "I told you not to call", before I could finish the thought, he said, "I know you told me not to call, but they unplugged Uncle Tharon today." Sarcastically I thought, "That's why I didn't want you to call", again, before I could finish that thought, Mike said, "And he started breathing on his own and trying to talk to everyone." Why am I surprised, I am the one that told everyone to "pray believing".

April 26th - Mike, myself, and my sister-in-law Barbara, went to see Uncle Tharon today. He struggled to talk and his hands kept jerking. I feared he may be having a seizure. But, he recognized us. We didn't stay in the room long, wanted him to conserve his energy, mostly visited with family.

April 28th - (a.m.) Uncle Tharon's kidneys are not functioning well and the toxins are building up in his kidneys and causing him to have spasms - that would explain why his hands were jerking when we visited on Sunday. Today they are moving him from ICU to a hospice unit. anything related to hospice always seems so final, but that's up to the Master Physician.

April 28th - (p.m.) I'm in a slump that I can't seem to break out of....Mike and Riley are on their way in to see Uncle Tharon. I stayed home since I have to be up super early for work in the morning. I ended up diving into some left over Easter candy (stress eating is my downfall). I've never liked roller coasters and emotional roller coasters are no different. Uncle Tharon has been moved now to hospice, his kidneys aren't working and the doctors are saying that he has two days to live with his kidneys not working as they should. Nothing has changed between me and God, but I have asked "why" alot lately, not because God doesn't know what he is doing, but because I'm just nosy that way.

As I began writing this, I received a phone call from a cousin telling me that Uncle Tharon is not expected to make it through the night. If God wills for him to go home tonight, please pray for him to be comfortable and depart this earth knowing he was loved by so many....regardless of what happens, pray that God be glorified through it.


The Kerce Family said...

I'm praying for you and your family, Sue. Love ya!

Barbara said...

Sue, I am just now reading your posts but am already praying....above all for God's will and for peace for you and the family. Please keep us posted..you are in our thoughts and prayers.