Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Hank has another new home...."

For those of you that have been following the "Hank" saga, he went to live with a couple in Jacksonville about two weeks ago. I rec'd about 10 phone calls in one day prior to making the decision to let him go with them. This couple was the only couple that had went online to "Petfinder" where I had Hank advertised and were actively seeking a chocolate lab. I will not lie, I had concerns, they came to the house with their 3 year old daughter and Hank behaved horribly at first....He was wild, jumping on the couple, licking the little girls face, jumping on the furniture. In my heart, I was thinking, "Somethings not right, maybe this is a sign." Finally Mike brought a tennis ball in. The little girl threw the tennis ball for close to two hours and Hank fetched it. After sometime, the couple decided they would take him. I called them just the other day, promised I wouldn't stalk them but that I wanted to give them the option of bringing him back if he wasn't the dog for them. They reassured me that they were happy with him and he was happy with them as well. All I can do now is pray that they will love him and care for him....

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